Over the years car manufacturers have made great improvements in safety features for cars, but there is still work to do. One of the most recent technological advances is that of a self-driving car. The idea is that the technology takes away the human element, which can be deadly when a driver is distracted or driving under the influence. But how safe are self-driving cars? There are pros and cons on this issue, and taking a look at what experts and others say is beneficial to forming an opinion.

Some of the benefits of self-driving cars are that the “driver” is programmed and thus will not speed, will not text and drive, will not drink and drive, and will obey all the rules of the road. But opponents to automated driving argue the technology is not well tested, and that there are other factors to consider. Some of those factors are:

  • Weather conditions.
  • Road conditions and construction.
  • Anticipating the moves of other drivers.
  • Reaction time when emergency vehicles need a clear path.
  • Crowded intersections and pedestrian traffic.

Another issue that has to be addressed with self-driving cars is what to do in the event of an accident. Victims are entitled to recover from negligent drivers, and the personal injury laws that apply to car accidents with live drivers should also apply to automated drivers. This includes stopping when an accident takes place, determining fault, and making a demand for reimbursement for injuries suffered. As this technology continues to be tested and starts to roll out in certain cities, we will stay on top of all developments. We pride ourselves on keeping up with legal trends so you always receive timely and accurate advice, and feel comfortable putting your case in our hands.

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