Most often, injury victims’ only recourse will be through insurance coverage. But unless you are an injury claims expert, obtaining the proper result for an insurance claim is complicated and fraught with challenges. Injury victims will usually be experiencing pain, disabilities, and loss of income, in addition to property damage like a destroyed vehicle. An injury victim may not realize the full extent of the injury, damages, medical expenses, and loss of income. These factors make the insurance claim process even more difficult.


Injury victims should keep in mind that insurance companies are in business for profit. They will generally try to diminish all payments to injury victims. Therefore, obtaining full and fair compensation requires effort and skill.  Here are some things to be aware of in dealing with insurance companies and their adjusters.


Insurance adjusters will not advocate on your behalf. The adjuster is employed by the insurance company to adjust your claim value, usually minimizing your injuries and damages to save the company money. It remains the injury victim’s obligation to show all manner of damages and losses by various methods of proof.

The insurance adjuster has no obligation to settle your claim. While it may seem that the insurance company wants to settle, it will not settle for any amount, or the amount you are requesting. If the amount requested is deemed too high, the insurance company will reject your offer and leave you with no option other than to bring a lawsuit.

The insurance adjuster may not consider all relevant information. Although you may have undisputed facts and evidence in your favor, the adjuster is still free to reject or ignore the information you present in support of your claims. This can include witness statements, photos and video, documentation, and reports. Presenting information in a clear, concise, and objective manner will help persuade the adjuster to evaluate your claim according to your perspective.


For minor and moderate injury claims, and especially for severe injury claims, using an attorney with knowledge and skill will help you achieve the desired settlement.  An injury lawyer will be your only advocate, and frame the injury circumstances in the best possible light. The attorney will investigate the incident, contact witnesses, gather information, and ensure your claims are completely supported by the facts.  The attorney’s work makes it difficult for the insurance company to reject or ignore your claims, especially if a lawsuit is likely.


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