A personal swimming pool is a great thing to have in the backyard. In Arizona and other locations where the weather is nice nearly all year, swimming not only gives you a break from the heat but is also great exercise. And while taking a daily dip in the pool is a great way to cool down or stay in shape, there are certain precautions that must be taken. This is true whether you are enjoying time in your own pool, or at a public location and the goal is to have fun but to avoid an accident.

Drowning is a top five cause of death in the United States, and is devastating to the victim’s family. In many cases an unintentional drowning could have been avoided, provided safety measures were in place and being practices. Some of the top causes of swimming pool accidents, which can result in death or serious injury, are:

  • Lack of supervision.
  • The absence of a lifeguard.
  • Slippery walking surfaces surrounding the pool.
  • Defective equipment.
  • Improper maintenance.
  • Lack of proper markings to indicate water depth.
  • Lack of swimming ability.
  • Failure to wear a lifejacket or other life saving device.
  • Broken or absent fencing surrounding the pool area.

Many of the injuries caused by a swimming pool accident require immediate medical care. Severe brain damage, broken bones, and deep cuts all need to be treated right away. If you are at a public pool when an accident takes place, alert the lifeguard immediately. If you are at home it is critical to provide whatever care you can to an injured person and dial 911. Victims of swimming pool accidents may have claims against the pool owner, whether that is a public entity or a private homeowner. The key to a successful case is to identify the cause of the accident and make a demand for reimbursement. Victims are entitled to recover medical costs, pain and suffering, and other costs associated with the injury. We focus our practice on helping people in all sorts of accident recover what they deserve, and can help you too!

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