If you have been hurt by the negligence of another, the best way to recover the costs associated with the accident is to make a claim with the insurance company for the responsible party. However, this is not a task we advise you undertake on your own, or that you put off for a long time after the accident happens. There are few reasons you do not want to wait to make a claim, and several more reasons to enlist the help of a qualified attorney to act on your behalf. First, there are deadlines that must be followed if you want to file a lawsuit and missing this deadline can be fatal to your case. 

The limitation period to file a lawsuit for damages in a personal injury matter is two years. Many times the insurance adjuster will drag out the negotiations, leaving little time for you to file on time if that is what you decide. This is not to say an insurance adjuster will intentionally mislead you, but keep in mind the adjuster works for the insurance company and not for you. In order to have the best shot at getting the result you deserve you should allow an experienced personal injury attorney to handle your case. Here is what you can expect when you place your case in our hands:

  • Timely action, whether by initiating and finalizing settlement negotiations, or by filing the necessary lawsuit when negotiations come to an end.
  • Regular updates on the status of your case.
  • A thorough investigation into the facts of the case so a determination of liability can be made.
  • Accident reconstruction when necessary, to flush out the facts and paint a clear picture of how the accident happened.
  • Interviewing of witnesses to corroborate facts.
  • Aggressive pursuit of every avenue of recovery available.

We work for you, not for the insurance company or the other driver. Your full recovery is our only focus. This includes making sure all claims are filed on time and that you are able to seek the medical care required for your injuries.

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