Personal injury cases take on many shapes and sizes – from car and truck wrecks, to medical malpractice, to motorcycle injuries. These cases all progress at their own pace, but if you have been hurt you prefer the case to go faster rather than slower. The more quickly your case moves through the necessary steps, the faster you get reimbursed for your injuries. We understand how important it is for you to be fully compensated, but we also know the importance of making sure critical information about your case is not overlooked. Our approach to recovery is one that balances your need for a quick solution with ensuring you are not giving up valuable rights along the way.

Some things you can do to help move your case along at a good clip include:

  • Take photos of the accident scene and make notes about how the accident happened. You should also start a diary about how you feel after any medical treatment and bring any concerns to the attention of your doctor.
  • Provide your insurance information to the other side, and be sure to get theirs as well. This allows your attorney to make a quick demand for repayment, and get the ball rolling with negotiations. Once it becomes clear the other side is not going to make a reasonable offer, the shift focuses to litigation. Acting quickly by contacting the insurance adjuster allows your attorney to save valuable time and stick to important deadlines to file your case.
  • Obtain a copy of the police report or other documentation regarding the accident. The more evidence you can gather at the outset, the picture becomes clearer and your attorney can begin identifying the responsible party or parties.
  • Keep copies of your medical records and doctor notes. Your condition will need to be well documented, as well as any recommended ongoing care or treatment you need to fully recover.
  • Interview witnesses through written discovery or by taking their deposition.
  • Utilize expert witnesses when needed, which can be a requirement for a medical malpractice or construction site accident case.

Every personal injury case is unique, but taking steps to preserve the evidence will help your case go more smoothly. We work with you to build an effective strategy and then aggressively pursue everything you deserve. None of our clients are treated like just another case, and we give you the individualized attention you need to get results that fit the facts.

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