Even when exercising care it is possible to be involved in an accident. And being in a car accident is a frightening experience, especially if there are serious injuries. Victims of car crashes deserve compensation for their injuries including reimbursement for medical expense and lost wages, and other damages. In order to maximize your recovery, it is beneficial to allow a trained personal injury attorney handle your case for you.

Three benefits you will see immediately when you put your case in the hands of a trusted attorney include:

  • Your attorney will explain the law to you and let you know how prior cases and statutes apply to the facts of your case. No two matters are the same, and proper application of the law is necessary to get results that make sense.
  • Your attorney will take on the task of dealing with the insurance adjuster. It is important to keep in mind that the adjuster does not work for you and is not in the business of getting you the highest amount of compensation deserve. On the other hand, your attorney has your best interests in mind when negotiating and knows what it will take to make you whole again. An adjuster might use your inexperience or lack of knowledge about the legal process to persuade you to take less than your case is worth or give up valuable rights.
  • Your attorney will know which pieces of evidence best support the legal theories in your case. And, when expert medical testimony is needed your attorney will know what steps to take that will permit your physicians to offer their opinions.

Perhaps one of the most critical things your attorney will do for you is to file your case on time. If the offers made are not reasonable you are allowed to file a lawsuit against the negligent driver. Missing this important deadline cuts off your rights to bring an action before the Court, and having a qualified attorney on your side gives you the peace of mind in knowing the filing deadline will not be overlooked.

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