The anxiety of being in a car accident is real, and can happen to drivers as well as passengers. When you are the passenger you may not be sure what rights you have, and how to recover for your injuries. Your confusion might be added to by the insurance adjusters, who are likely in disagreement about which driver caused the accident. Luckily, a passenger hurt in a car accident does have remedies. In order to find out which option is best for you, call a qualified personal injury attorney to talk about your case.

Some of the things your attorney will do for you as a passenger in an accident are:

  • Determine liability: this is the first issue the insurance company will focus on, and you will need to have solid proof of who caused the accident. You may have to use the police report, the testimony of witnesses, and your own recollection of events when providing evidence to the insurance company.
  • Make a claim: your attorney will make a claim with the appropriate company once liability is determined. The claim will be for all of your damages, including any lost wages and medical bills you incurred for your injuries.

A personal injury case where you are a passenger is much different from a case where you were driving. If the driver of the car you were riding in was at fault, your demand will go to that person’s insurance company. This can get complicated if you were riding with a close friend or family member. If the other driver was at fault, your claim can be made separate and apart from the driver of the car you were in, but may still be limited by all of the claims made against that driver. You also have the option to make a claim on our own insurance, under the Med pay part of your policy if you have that coverage. Whatever your situation, we know how to help. We understand your confusion and know you need to be fully compensated for your injuries, let us help you today.

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