Buying a car is one of the largest purchases most people make in their lifetime, next to buying a home. A lot of research and thought goes into what type of car is best for you, and safety features usually top the list of needs. Auto manufacturers owe consumers the duty of making a car that is safe, with parts that work properly, and that with safety features that deploy as needed in the event of an accident. When parts on a car fail, an accident can happen. For the most part, manufacturers stay on top of the latest technology and alert consumers when a part is defective and needs to be recalled, but sometimes the notice comes too late. If you have been in an accident involving a recalled auto part, you need a skilled attorney at your side who understands how concepts of products liability interact with personal injury laws.

When an accident is due to a defective part, here is what you need to know about recalls:

  • The date of recall.
  • The exact part recalled.
  • The reason for the recall.
  • The remedial measures, if any, being taken by the manufacturer regarding the recalled part.

Common types of recalls involve faulty airbags, seatbelts that do not properly fasten, brake failure, tire failures, steering defects, fires caused by malfunctioning electrical systems, and use of weak materials that crush easily upon impact or rollover. You have two years to file a personal injury lawsuit, from the date of accident. If you want to pursue the manufacturer or distributor for a defective auto part, you will need to act so all parties are aware of your intent. Many times seeking damages from the manufacturer provides another avenue of relief, and can increase your chances at obtaining full recovery. The process can be complicated and your attorney may need to call on expert witnesses to give testimony about the defect, how it could be remedied, and the consequences of driving with a defective or recalled part. We have experience working with experts and know how to handle complicated cases. We aggressively pursue the maximum recovery you are entitled to, and have a track record for obtaining satisfactory results for our clients.

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