Advances in technology are great, but can come with a cost. And sometimes the cost is more than just what it costs to get the latest version of an iPhone. Technology can malfunction and cause an injury, or human error can come into play and cause harm. So called “man-made” injury from technology occurs when a driver texts while driving. We all know any time a driver loses focus on the road an accident can happen. But there is more to distracted texting while driving. All types of distracted driving described below can lead to an accident, and if it happens to you, the best course of may be to pursue the distracted driver for their actions. This is where we enter the picture, and make a demand for compensation, so you are made whole again.

Some statistics on the dangers of distracted driving:

  • Three years ago distracted driving accounted for just under 3,500 lives lost.
  • There are over 3,000 fatal car crashes a day, with an average of 9 of these fatalities due to distracted driving.
  • Teens are the largest group of drivers engaging in distracted driving habits.
  • A crash can happen in just 3 second after a driver becomes distracted, leaving little room to refocus and take evasive maneuvers to avoid a crash.
  • Behaviors other than texting are classified as distracted driving; such as reading, reaching in the backset for an item, changing clothes, and even painting fingernails.

To make a claim based on distracted driving you may need to obtain phone records for the other driver, take testimony of an eyewitness, or rely on the police report for information about how the accident happened. Many distracted driving accidents could have been prevented, but for the distraction, and public sentiment on how to punish a distracted driver are beginning to favor harsh consequences. Loss of driving privileges and even jail time are possible punishments, along with making a victim whole financially. People involved in distracted driving accidents are entitled to recover lost wages, medical bill expenses, the costs of therapy or rehab, and possibly even punitive damages. Each case is unique and we put the pieces of your puzzle together in a way that gets you justice. Let us help you get all you deserve from these devastating accidents!

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