Victims of personal injury can have hefty medical bills to pay as well as significant property loss. The negligent party is responsible for repayment, but when the damages are large many victims wonder how an individual will be able to pay for all the harm done. We understand how easy it is to worry about finding the money to repair or replace your car and get your doctors paid, and we are here to take that burden off of your shoulders. But just how do these bills get paid, and what is your role in the process? These are natural questions, and we have the answers.

Victims of personal injury are compensated by taking the following steps. A qualified attorney who knows how to deal with insurance adjusters and knows how the judicial system works is the best way for you to get the best results:

  • Make a demand on the insurance company that provides coverage for the negligent party. After an accident, an adjuster is assigned to the case, and this is where your initial demand is made.
  • Negotiate acceptable personal injury settlement. Once the adjuster has all of the evidence regarding the accident and injuries suffered, it is time to negotiate an amount that will fully compensate you.
  • File a lawsuit and proceeding to trial when settlement is not possible. When insurance adjusters fail to recognize the value of your claim, it is necessary to file a lawsuit to demand compensation.

A personal injury victim is entitled to recover the costs of medical care, lost wages, the costs associated with repairing or replacing personal property, funeral expenses in cases of wrongful death, pain and suffering, loss of earning capacity, costs of ongoing treatment or therapy, and any other expense associated with the accident. We have the experience you need to make a proper demand, follow through, and file a case when needed. We work for you, not the insurance company, and aggressively pursue the reimbursement you deserve. Your focus is on getting the treatment you need to get better, and our focus is on getting you justice and a fair financial recovery.

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