Not all car accidents are between vehicles. In some cases a bystander or pedestrian can be struck and hurt by a car. Many times the injuries in these cases are far greater than those involving only cars because a pedestrian is out in the open and unprotected. Seatbelts and air bags are not available to pedestrians and when a car hits a person the injuries are usually devastating. Injuries can range from broken bones to head trauma, and may even include fatalities.

Recovering from an accident as a pedestrian can be complicated. Some things to keep in mind if you have been hit by a car as a pedestrian are:

  • If the accident was a hit and run you may need to make a claim for damages with your own insurance company. This adds a special layer of complexity to your case, but can be handled properly by a qualified attorney.
  • Medical care is a must, even if you feel fine after the accident. Many injuries take a day or two to manifest and being seen right away and going to follow up appointments helps doctors accurately diagnosis you and develop treatment plans.
  • Liability must be determined, just the same as is required in car accidents without pedestrians. The same rules of law apply and victims are only able to recover after proving the accident was not their fault. It is unfortunate, but drivers do sometimes attempt to place blame on a pedestrian for causing an accident. Investigating the facts is necessary to gather the evidence needed to place responsibility with the proper party.

Some tips for staying safe as a pedestrian are walking in designated spaces and crossing only when signals are clear to do so. But we know even when you follow all of the rules and take every safety precaution, an accident can still happen. To learn more about what to do if you have been hit by a car as a pedestrian, call our office. We work with you to develop your case and a strategy that works.

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