One of the most important protections you should have is health insurance. Your health insurance may cover procedures and therapeutic treatments when needed. This is good news if you have been hurt in an accident, but when you are not at fault the thought of having to use your own insurance seems unfair. Fortunately there are legal remedies available to both you, your healthcare providers, and the insurance company when an accident happens. And when you are not at fault for the accident, the expenses do not come out of your pocket.

Treatment for a personal injury can be covered by your own insurance, but in most instances it works like this:

  • Always present your health insurance card for all medical care in connection with the accident.
  • Medical attention is provided after an accident, and in emergency situations you should give your health insurance card just to be seen.
  • You might also schedule follow up appointments with your personal physician after receiving emergency treatment, and when you check in for your appointment you should give the front desk your health insurance information.

If you did not cause the accident you should not have to bear the costs of care. But using your own insurance is the best way to get into the doctor quickly or be seen by an emergency room physician. The way you recover these costs is to demand repayment from the negligent party, and put your health insurance on notice the expenses are associated with an accident. Insurance companies have remedies available to them to recover what is paid out when their insured is not responsible for the accident. The most important thing for you to remember is that you deserve to receive treatment, and the details of who and when payment is made can be worked out during your case. We are experienced in these matters and take on the burden of straightening out the payments for you.  

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