Texting and driving is the most dangerous form of distracted driving. The number of car accidents caused by texting and driving is on the rise, making texting and driving more dangerous than drunk driving. When a driver takes their eyes of the road to send or read a text, it takes a few seconds to readjust to the task at hand – safe driving. This might not sound like a long time, but these seconds are valuable when it comes to focusing on the road, turn signals, cars stopped or slowed ahead of a driver, traffic lights, and traffic signals. A catastrophic accident can take place quickly when a driver is not giving their driving the full attention needed. Rollovers, T-bones, rear and head on collisions and sideswipes are common types of accidents associated with distracted driving because once the driver realizes the danger an overcorrection is often made.

Three things to know about a texting and driving car accident are:

  • Inexperienced drivers are at a higher risk of having an accident than experienced drivers. While no driver should engage in texting and driving habits, an experienced driver is more likely to avoid an accident than a teen driver or a driver with less experience. Statistics show over 3,000 teens lose their life to a texting and driving accident each year.
  • Using a phone while driving, even in a hands free mode, is still likely to cause a distraction large enough to cause an accident. Advances in technology like talking to text can cut down on some of the distraction, but the best approach is to avoid any type of cellphone use while driving.
  • Using an app that turns of texting and that also alerts a third party, such as a parent, when the app is disabled helps reduce the temptation and thus the likelihood a driver will text while driving. These apps are worth considering, even if you do not have a teen driver in the house.

If you have been in an accident and suspect the other driver was texting, call us for help. We know what steps to take to investigate the accident, prove liability, and fight for a full and fair compensation for your injurie. With a texting and driving accident the injuries can be devastating, requiring lifelong care or extended rehabilitative services. The amount of time you miss work while recovering from these injuries can cause extraordinarily high lost wages and the medical expenses are often times astronomical. We understand the financial bite these damages take and aggressively pursue every dollar you deserve.

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