Most victims of car accidents settle their claims by making a demand on the insurance company for the responsible driver, or taking that driver to Court. In either case the insurance company should pay the claim, but in many instances will try to escape payment by claiming their insured was not at fault. It is also likely the insurance adjuster will make other statements that just don’t add up, and you need to be aware for these possibilities.

Three things an insurance adjuster won’t tell you after an accident are:

  • The first, and maybe even second or third offer will be low. The adjuster’s job is to save money for the insurance company, but you won’t be told that the goal is to pay out as little as possible. Instead you may be told your claim is not worth what you are demanding, or that company guidelines do not allow for payment in excess of what is being offered.
  • Being told that the company takes responsibility for the actions of their insured is not an admission of liability. It might sound like the adjuster is agreeing with your version of the events and will make an offer that covers your expenses, but in reality this might just be a tactic to prevent you from calling an attorney for help. If you believe you are going to be treated fairly you are less likely to enlist the services of an accident attorney and the adjuster might make you believe you are saving and time and money by representing yourself.
  • Your statement is not required, but it is something the adjuster will try to get out of you. Keep in mind you are under no obligation to give a recorded statement to the insurance company for the other driver and should only do so after talking to an attorney. In fact, your attorney should be present on the call when the statement is made and you should have the opportunity to talk over the facts before making the call.

You have two years to file a lawsuit for damages suffered in a car accident. The job of the adjuster is to save time and expense for the insurance company. Our job is to take your case seriously and demand all you deserve, even if this means turning down an offer and filing a lawsuit instead.

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