While every car accident is different, there are some common things you will find in nearly every case. For instance, there will be a negligent or reckless driver, a victim, and injuries – even if the injuries are minor. And when it comes to injuries, while the severity of damage varies from case to case, there are certain types of injuries that happen the most frequently. Knowing what these injuries are helps victims develop a strategy that includes demanding maximum compensation, so all the expenses are covered and the victim is not left holding the bag for any of the damages suffered.

The top five most common car accident injuries and what you should do if you suffer from any of these injuries are:

  • Whiplash: this is the snapping forward and immediately backward of the next at the point of impact. The soft tissue, muscles, and ligaments are not meant to move in a jerk-like motion and whiplash can cause strains and immense pain. If you feel stiffness in your neck or shoulders, along your back or in your arms you may be suffering from whiplash. It is important to see a medical professional for a full exam, and be sure to let the doctor know you have been in a car accident so you can be checked for any other injuries that may not have yet manifested.
  • Scrape, cuts, and bruises: exposed skin can take a beating in an accident and be deeply cut or lacerated, bruised, or cut. You will need to see a doctor to rule out infection and have the wounds cleaned and bandaged. In the most serious of cases you may require stitches or other medical help for proper healing.
  • Traumatic head injuries: if you are experiencing headaches in the days immediately following a car accident you may be suffering from a traumatic head injury such as a concussion. Go to the doctor right away to be checked, as these injuries can have long term impact.
  • Broken bones: ribs, legs, and arms are often broken in a car accident require immediate attention to be properly reset or cast.
  • Internal bleeding: if you have been severely injured there may be internal bleeding that is not readily apparent. The complications from internal bleeding are catastrophic and may require surgery or long term care. It is best to go to the emergency room if your injuries are serious and ask for a full work up to rule out injuries you cannot see with the naked eye.

Your personal injury case may include other injuries not listed above, and we want to make sure you are treated for any and all injuries suffered. When we take on your case we work closely with your medical team to make sure you are getting the treatment you need, in full.

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