A truck accident is a bit like a car accident, but on a much larger scale. The sheer size and weight of a truck makes a big difference in an accident and the injuries suffered are usually more severe than the injuries sustained in a car accident. This is true for large semi-trucks and smaller commercial trucks. Another difference between car and truck accidents is the applicable laws. The trucking industry is regulated at a federal and state level and it is important to hire an attorney with the experience and knowledge specific to trucking laws.

When you speak with an attorney about how to handle a trucking accident, keep these things in mind:

  • Federal regulations: be sure your attorney is familiar with the federal regulations that govern the trucking industry, and how to apply those regulations to your case. This includes cargo weight limits, proper loading of a semi-truck, rules on how many hours a driver can be behind the wheel, proper training and maintenance, driving logs, and whether the driver or the driver’s employer (or both) can be held liable.
  • State regulations: your attorney should know how state laws interact with the federal regulations and how the two impact your case.
  • Prior history: it is important to look at the driver’s prior training and driving history, both for trucking and for passenger car operation.
  • Licensing: be sure your attorney checks the licensing requirements and whether they were properly followed.

A trucking injury is a special kind of personal injury and requires specialized knowledge. Given the number of big rigs on the road the chances of being in a trucking accident are great. And because the injuries are typically catastrophic, you need a qualified legal advocate by your side. We aggressively pursue lost wages, medical expenses, the cost to repair or replace your car, expenses associated with long term care and rehabilitative services, and damages for your pain and suffering. In the most extreme cases, where there has been a fatality, we help recover final expenses for the family include the costs of end of life care or emergency medical treatment as well as loss of earnings from your loved one. Call us today to find out what we can do for you if you have been in a trucking accident.

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