Being in a car accident is not only scary, it is also expensive. You probably know about the costs to repair or replace your car and the medical bills, but there are other expenses that are not so apparent. It is these hidden costs of car accidents that make it critical to consult an attorney if you have been in a wreck. A knowledgeable personal injury attorney takes on your case with the goal of obtaining a full recovery. This includes things you can easily identify as losses, as well as some things that may not have crossed your mind.

Some of the hidden costs of car accidents, which can be overlooked if you do not have the help you need to make a proper demand for reimbursement, are:

  • Damage to your car: things like door dings, bent fenders, crashed hoods, and broken windshields are visible the instant the accident happens. But there may be long term damage to your car that you do not discover until well after the accident. It is crucial to have a qualified mechanic give your car the once over after an accident and provide a comprehensive list of possible damage and repair needs. By doing this you can avoid potential out of pocket expenses that may come up in the months after the case is resolved.
  • Future healthcare needs: your immediately visible injuries like broken bones and cuts or lacerations are easy to identify. But unless you give your physician a full account of your injuries and how you are feeling, you may not receive care for all of your injuries. Many injuries take a while to manifest, so be sure and go to follow up appointments and bring your doctor’s attention to any pain or discomfort you are having that seems out of the ordinary.
  • Rental and towing expenses: if your car is so badly damaged that it cannot be driven after the accident you will have to pay for a tow and likely a rental car until you receive settlement funds to cover these costs. It is even possible you will have to keep making car payments, even if you are without your car.

The possibility for an increase in auto insurance also comes into play as a hidden cost of a car accident. If you have been hurt in a car wreck that was not your fault, let us take a look at your case to be sure you receive a full recovery. We focus on personal injury matters and know what to do to help you.

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