A birth injury can devastate a family and turn an otherwise joyful occasion into a lifelong need to provide special care for a child. Sadly, many parents who are dealing with a birth injury should not be, as many birth injuries are preventable. If your child has a birth injury it is critical to speak with an attorney right away to find out if you are able to take any action against the doctor, the hospital, or other healthcare provider. Our team of personal injury attorneys has the experience you need to handle this sensitive type of case, and will work with you to make sure important facts are not overlooked.

A case for medical malpractice is a personal injury case with special rules. The first thing to do is determine whether your child suffers from a birth injury, or a birth defect. A defect is the result of genetics and can result in Down’s syndrome, cleft palates, or heart issues. A birth injury is caused by negligence during delivery or post-delivery.

A child born with a birth injury can face a lifetime of challenges and costs. When a doctor or other provider fails to meet the medical standard of care and causes a birth injury, the parents can bring an action to recover. Typical damages include financial reimbursement and the costs of long term care necessitated by the injury. This might include treatment for cognitive disorders, emotional and psychological services, neurological needs, and therapy or treatment for musculoskeletal injuries.

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