If you have been in a car accident, you will need to start gathering evidence as soon as possible. The evidence in your case will be used to make a demand for reimbursement from the responsible party. The evidence generally consists of things like medical records and bills, physician treatment plans, testimony from witnesses, photos of the accident scene, and the police report. Each of these pieces of evidence serves a purpose in your case, by helping to tell the story of how the accident happened and showing how badly you have been injured. It is important to use each piece of evidence in the most beneficial way possible, to maximize the amount of compensation needed to cover the damage done. For example, a physician’s treatment plan can be used to demonstrate how long you will need rehabilitative services and the toll this type of treatment will take on your life. Medical bills are best used to show the financial burden you suffer as a result of the accident and photos help piece together the event in an orderly fashion.

Another good piece of evidence for most car accident case is the police or accident report. Here are three ways you can use the accident report in your case:

  • To corroborate testimony from other witnesses.
  • To establish which party was at fault.
  • As a persuasive tool when negotiating a settlement.

When a third party such as an insurance adjuster or the Court is responsible for deciding who was at fault and what amount of compensation should be paid to injured parties, great weight can be given to an accident report. The officer who investigated the accident scene does not have a stake in the outcome of your case, so the official report is often times viewed as reliable and very credible evidence. The information contained in the accident report can also lead to other evidence, such as names of witnesses, which can be helpful when you are putting your case together. Let us take a look at your case and help you decide the best way to proceed. Our knowledgeable attorneys are here to protect your rights, fight for all you deserve, and put you at ease.

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