The injuries from a car accident can range from mild to severe. In every case it is imperative to see a doctor so you can rule out more serious conditions, or so that you can get the care you need for a catastrophic injury. But, the only way your physician can properly treat you is if you provide a detailed and accurate report of what happened, and how you have been injured. Leaving out vital pieces of information will not benefit you, and may cause delay in your fight for compensation from the negligent driver.

The top five things to tell your doctor if you have been hurt in a car crash are:

  • How you felt immediately after the accident, physically and emotionally.
  • Where you feel pain, and how severely you feel the pain.
  • Whether you are dizzy or have experienced a black out.
  • If you feel nauseous.
  • Whether you feel limited in certain actions, such as standing or bending over.

Many injuries take a few days or weeks to manifest, but if your doctor has a full report it is easier to provide a diagnosis. If your injuries do not require an overnight stay in the hospital you will most likely be asked to return for a follow up exam. It is critical that you attend this exam so any injuries that have developed can be treated. If your injuries are so severe that you require surgery or an extended hospital stay, it is important to follow doctor’s orders during your recovery. Failing to follow doctor’s orders may add to your injuries or cause new ones to evolve. Your job after an accident is to get better, while ours is to make sure you get the compensation you deserve. We work with your physician to understand your injuries, and make demand for full reimbursement. If an agreement cannot be reached, we make sure the timeframe within which to file your case is followed so you do not miss your chance at financial recovery. You are entitled to receive payment for lost wages, loss of future earnings, the costs of your medical care (both immediate and ongoing), pain and suffering, and other damages depending on the facts of your case. Our experience if your best ally, let us help you today.

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