When you’re running errands around town, injuring yourself in a store is one of the last things on your mind. Unfortunately, it’s a common occurrence in retail environments. When stores are not properly maintained, and employees are not vigilant, accidents are a lot more prevalent. Izzy Yetnikoff has extensive legal experience in retail store injuries and can help. Call Izzy Yetnikoff today if you’ve suffered a retail store injury.

Common Causes of Retail Accidents

Any store can be a dangerous place if the staff doesn’t take the necessary steps to keep hazards in check. Some of the most common reasons for retail injuries are:

Wet floors: When employees mop, they are required to set up a sign that warns customers and other employees about the wet floor. If they don’t use the appropriate warnings and signage, the business could be held liable for any injury that happens as a result.

Leaks and spills: Wet floors from leaked or spilled products are especially common in supermarkets. If a customer is injured as a result of a mess on the floor, the business may be at fault. An investigation needs to be done to determine whether an employee was aware of the spill, or if a reasonable person would have noticed the spill in the amount of time it existed.

Falling objects: If products are not stocked safely and secured, or the shelves are not maintained properly, injuries can happen when things fall from shelves or displays. Head and face injuries are the most likely injury when this happens.

Walkway obstructions: Employees are required to keep aisles and areas where customers are walking free of hazards. Electrical cords, maintenance materials, and fallen products are typical causes of slips and falls in retail stores.

Inadequate lighting: Injuries from poor lighting in stores occurs. Inadequate lighting is a significant liability for businesses. Any small hazard that a customer may have otherwise avoided is more likely to cause an injury when there is not sufficient lighting.

How to Prove Negligence

Businesses have strict guidelines to make sure their stores are safe for customers as well as for their employees. If you hurt yourself in a retail store because of a visible hazard, you might be able to sue for negligence. To prove that the business was negligent, several factors must be present.


It is challenging to have a retail store accept liability in a personal injury case. Their legal team and insurance company are looking after their own best interests – not yours. If you were injured in a retail store, consider contacting Yetnikoff Law Offices, PLLC for help. You can speak with Izzy Yetnikoff, a lawyer with extensive legal experience in retail store injuries. Call Izzy Yetnikoff today if you’ve suffered a retail store injury at 800-279-6331 or visit us online for more information.