Being in an accident is traumatic, and the experience can be even more traumatic when the guilty party flees the scene. Unfortunately, hit and run accidents are common, leaving victims wondering where to turn for help. On occasion it is possible to track down the driver and pursue legal action, but victims also have other remedies. If you are the victim of a hit and run accident the best step you can take is to get the license plate number if possible and then speak with a qualified attorney. Even if you are not able to take note of the plate number, an attorney will be able to explain the law and the options available to you.

Every person involved in an accident has the following duties:

  • Stop and give their name and contact information.
  • Provide driver’s license and insurance information.

Failure to do the above can result in criminal charges if caught, but that possibility gives little comfort to those who are hurt and need immediate care. It is possible to make a claim under your own insurance policy, but doing so can be tricky. You will want to make certain you provide all of the details your insurance carrier needs in order to process your claim quickly. And, we understand you likely have concern over the possibility of having to pay higher rates if you make a claim on your own policy. In order to avoid financial loss a careful reading of your policy is required. If you elected to include uninsured and underinsured motorist coverage in your policy you can probably make a claim under those provisions for losses. Medical expense is another type of coverage that can help defray your losses. These options involve a thorough understanding of how your insurance works in an accident. Rather than leaving funds on the table or things to chance, let us help you get what you deserve. We understand how to make the proper claims with your insurance company, and will follow your case through to your satisfaction. Call us today to find out more about your options for recovery from a hit and run accident.

If you have been in an accident where the other driver failed to stop, we can help. Contact the attorneys at Yetnikoff Law Offices, PLLC for answers to your questions and find out what to do if you are the victim of a hit and run. Call us at 800-279-6331 or visit us online.