Day care is a necessity for most working parents, and both the child and the parent should expect a safe environment. However, serious injuries can happen while a child is at day care, bringing up issues of who is liable for an accident and what rights a family has when their child comes home hurt.

A personal injury case involving a child at day care can take on many forms. Your child can be hurt while at a day care facility by:

  • Another child: children at a certain age can go through a biting stage, and biting is one of the leading causes of injury at day care. Children can also get in physical altercations while at day care, leading to a serious injury. Shoving, pushing, and hitting are not uncommon and it is the job of the child care center to keep your kids safe while at day care.
  • Playground equipment: many day cares have toys and other outdoor activities so the kids can spend time outside each day. Swing sets and jungle gyms can be dangerous on their own, or can become a hazard when too many children play on them at the same time, or when there is bullying or other inappropriate behavior.
  • Toys and other objects: the toys at a day care should be safe for the child’s age, and free from danger. Toys with small pieces should be kept out of reach, to avoid a choking incident or prevent a child from mishandling the pieces.
  • Workers: unfortunately some day care workers do not exercise good judgment, and can actually cause physical harm to your child while in their care. The center is under an obligation to employ workers that do not pose a threat to your child, and the failure to do so can be the cause of legal action.

Before you send your child to day care, do a thorough investigation of the center. Check the licensing requirements and status of the center you are considering, to make sure the facility is safe and reputable. And, if your child is hurt while at day care, give us a call to learn your options.

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