If you are in a car accident with injuries, you probably have damage to your car as well. An important part of any car crash case is the property damage. This portion of the case is usually resolved faster than the personal injury part, because a body shop can quickly assess what it will cost to fix your car after an accident. And, if your car is beyond repair, you should ask for replacement value so you do not have to go without a vehicle. In any case, you should receive a rental car paid by the insurance company while your car is being fixed or replaced.

Accident victims are allowed to get their cars fixed after the accident, at any mechanic and body shop of their choosing. The process can be daunting because it usually involves getting an appraisal of the damage and negotiating payment with an insurance adjuster. This important part of your personal injury case is something you should rely upon your attorney to handle for you, and includes:

  • Taking photos of the damage.
  • Seeking independent appraisal of damages.
  • Negotiating with an insurance adjuster as to the amount needed to repair the car, of if it is a total loss the amount needed to replace your vehicle with a “like” car.

It is important to understand your rights when seeking repairs for your car after an accident. You do not have to use a preselected body shop but rather are allowed to pick where your car will go for repair. You may also decide whether to make a claim with your own insurance company or with the provider for the at fault driver. This can be tricky because your choice may or may not impact your rates, but when we take on your case we make choices that minimize your financial exposure while maximizing your recovery. ALSO, WE NEVER CHARGE A FEE FOR ANY PROPERTY DAMAGES THAT YOU WILL ULTIMATELY RECOVER. There are other critical decisions to be made when determining whether to fix your car, such as how much you will accept and whether payment in lieu of repairs is best. Any time insurance is involved, there are countless questions. Some answers may be clear, but others are more complex. To ensure you get all you deserve, let our qualified staff help.

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